Industrial Package Heaters

Pre-engineered industrial Package Heaters

Air preheaters configured for today's operating conditions

For the first time, rotary regenerative heaters at the lower end of the size range are being engineered to meet the economic and environmental circumstances of the foreseeable future, rather than the vastly different conditions that prevailed three or more decades ago.

The Howden pre-engineered package heater offers significantly reduced leakage, better thermal performance, greatly improved cleanability, ease of maintenance and exceptional long-term reliability. Our research in recent years has been driven by the global need to reduce fuel consumption and minimise environmental impact, and these industrial preheaters incorporate developments that have already proven their value in highly critical applications.

For replacement heaters in existing plants, we provide new equipment that matches the previous unit while bringing vastly improved efficiency and thermal performance. We fit the package to existing foundations, ductwork, power supplies and other site arrangements, introducing valuable gains in performance and reliability with the minimum of on-site work.

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